Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nanashi no Game Fan Translation Pre-Release [NDS]

Nanashi no Game is a game developed by Square-Enix and released in Japan in July of 2008. It never saw a European or North American release due to the naysayers in Squeenix's chosen focus group. The sequel, Nanashi no Game Me, was released in August of 2009. Two spinoff games, Noroi no Game Chi and Noroi no Game Goku, were released to the DSiWare service in September of 2009. In August of 2011, however, Nanashi no Game recieved a translation project that has went from 0-100% in less than two months. As of yet, this patch is not released. The GBATemp thread this translation is being discussed in has been linked below and when the patch is released you will see it there first.

Translation Thread

All of the text in Nanashi no Game's fan translation is still being tweaked, but it has all been translated. There are some minute details still in Japanese, such as various unimportant signs, but that is left partly because of the atmosphere of the game and partly because the game takes place in Japan. However, names have not been localized either. They have stayed Japanese. Why? Again, because this game takes place in Japan.

Whoops, going on a 'this game takes place in Japan, so this is why x isn't translated to y' rant. Also, there would be a picture here but I've been told to wait until the patch is released before posting any pictures, not even the ones that have already been posted in the thread.


The cursed game has been well-translated already. Compared to how many errors/typos/etc. I've seen within the 'real world' portion of the game, the translations of the text in the cursed game is very much already finished. I know it's passed my test, and I grade hard.

The fonts are a mix and match of good and great. On the title screen, the title graphic's font greatly matches the one that was used for the original Japanese. The menu items for this screen are in a ghostly font (the same used for the "x days left" graphics) that fits quite well, but I'm not just saying that because I was the one that suggested that font. In-game titles are a nice serif font that I can't remember the name of, but looks kind of like Times New Roman if it were anorexic and tall, and it makes the translation look that much more official.. 'Real world' dialogue text is in what I suppose is Arial (I can never tell those similar looking fonts apart), and it fits very well. The cursed game's dialogue font is very nice, as well, and fits the 8-bit feel of the 'game'.
QUOTE(Ryusui @ Sep 15 2011, 02:02 AM)
Just so you know, the "spooky" font is Cannibal Corpse, the Times-like font is Garamond, the in-game font is (to my knowledge) the DS default, whatever it's called, and the font I used for the new title screen logo is...Courier. That's right, I dressed up boring old Courier to look like pure terror. I think right-aligning the whole thing did as much for it as the Photoshop filter I added to get the original's "fuzzy" look. :3

All in all, this translation is very polished and nice even at this stage. There are still a few kinks to work out, such as a few system things that cause the game to not translate properly in some areas (don't worry, it looks like that's been fixed but just needs to be implemented in another spot or two. You don't have to ask if you can help with that), but other than that it's already in a great position. If I had one gripe (In fact, this is the ONLY gripe I've ever had about it), it's the fact that the translation goes by UK English and that often tends to throw me off when I go to report bugs/typos/etc.. This makes me wonder how many games I've actually played with UK English grammar/spelling and thought that a word was misspelled but actually wasn't.......

Grammar: 9/10
Fonts: 10/10
Image-Based Stuff: 10/10


PS) Thank you Nagato, summvs, Ryusui, and G-Han, for all of your contributions to this! The translation is good and you should feel good.

...That was awful. Why did I quote/invert that?!

PSS) I hope this quells the suspicions by certain people (you know who you are) who think this translation is bad due to the translators' choice to reveal as little information as possible and due to the fact that this 100% translation is close to being released less than two months after it was started.


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